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Product Types

Petra Fronts Crema Abujardado 1.jpg

Floor Tiles

We provide a wide range of luxury tiles for modern homes, hotels and offices. The standard dimensions are 160 cm x 160 cm. We also supply slabs that can be cut into custom sizes by your selected editor.

Petra ITOP Crema Abujardado + Moon Gris Abujardado1.jpg

Wall & Kitchen Decoration

Our slabs can be installed as decorative panels on both interior and exterior walls. Natural looking designs provide you the opportunity to enhance the aesthetic of your space. Applicable on kitchen cabinets. Thicknesses of 4 and 6 mm are recommended.

Geo ITOP Crema abujardado + Alea Piedra Natural + Senda Gris Natural_2.jpg


Our variety of 12 and 20 mm slabs assists you on selecting the most important material for you kitchen, office desk or bath unit countertop. Select a material with high resistance that can be shaped into many finishes.

Umbra ITOP Marrón Abujardado + Moon Gris Abujardado_3.jpg

Have a look at our collection by INALCO

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